Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chester Borrows Congratulates Sue

Chester Borrows "who for many months was at the vanguard of opposition to the bill," gives Sue Bradford a hug after the passing of the anti-smacking bill.

Reminds me of another such photo.

Photo from New Zealand Herald

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Andy said...

Oh, isn't that touching. Stalwart & sensible Chester Borrows hugs relieved and caring Sue Bradford.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the pair were at each other's throats. Borrows saying that Bradford's bill would criminalise good parents, and Bradford saying that Borrows' ammendment to the bill would allow for children to be abused.

The Dunne ammendment, stating that the Police have discretion whether to prosecute or not (is prosecution in the public interest? was the smack inconsequential?) doesn't change anything, seeing as Police discrimination is already in New Zealand law.

National is socialist.

Chester Borrows is weak.

Katherine Rich. Don't get me started.

You've let New Zealand down, National.