Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Marc My Words: Child Abuse Part Of Wider Problem

In the wrong hands an article on child abuse could be rolled up as a weapon

If there was a standard theme throughout the last week or so, it was the issue of child abuse. Again. Yes, we are horrified by the inhumanity exposed within a family who saw fit to throw blocks of wood at three-year-old Nia Glassie in a sand-pit; strung up like a rag-doll on the clothes line; and tossed into a tumble dryer like a woolen sock. This is our outrage du jour. We've had them before and, despite the ridiculous optimism of Sue Bradford's determinedly anti-family 'Anti-Smacking legislation' to "send a message"; it has conclusively proved its lack of worth. Abusive parents over-whelmingly ignored both her "message" and the subsequent law change. Nia's abuser's actions carried on unperturbed and brought to a halt by the embarrassment of being caught...

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