Monday, October 08, 2007

lonely support for Cindy Kiro's home-invasion regime

This lady reckons that she is walking from Cape Reinga to the steps of Parliment in support of Cindy Kiro's stepped up home-invasion regime.
I commented on her blog...

Hi Parani,

The Government is interfering with many good families in New Zealand.  The repeal of Section9 means that even more families are going to be invaded and good, loving parents branded as child abusers.

Cindy Kiro has a bad, bad agenda as does Helen Clark and Sue Bradford.  They want to see children more as part of the state than as part of a caring, loving family.

By giving themselves more power in this anti-democratic way (passing the bill into law against the wishes of 83% of New Zealand), it is going to be the worse for children in New Zealand.

The child abusers aren't going to pay any attention to whatever new laws are being passed up in Wellington, they will continue to kill, abuse and molest innocent children.

Good parents know the difference between a smack and child abuse.  Believe me, I have spoken to many hundreds of such parents and they are outraged that their authority as parents has been undermined in this socialistic manner.

"A loving smack is not child abuse"

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