Monday, October 08, 2007

Petitioning Parliament

"I popped along yesterday to help Simeon and Gaylene drum up support for their petition for a referendum on the making it a criminal offence to smack children.

They've had their stand in Howick for the past few Saturdays and have drmmed up big support. Nine out of ten passer-bys were happy to sign and express their disgruntlement of the present law.

Gaylene was the runner-up in the ACT on Campus essay competition, Both her and and Simeon are very switched on and it was great to see them getting signatures and answering questions. They know their stuff."


Rodney is right when he says "Nine out of ten passer-bys were happy to sign and express their disgruntlement of the present law."  I put the ratio at closer to 95%, as the support for the petition is consistently overwhelming New Zealand wide.  On Friday when my sister and I ran a table in the center of Christchurch, we had three people who had something negative to say.  One lady walked past.  "Do you think parents should be allowed to smack their children?" she asked.  "Yes".  "At your age, you think that parents should be allowed to smack their children?".  "Yes".  She had no argument, only an astonishment that I held the same view that 83% of New Zealanders hold, that a smack is not child abuse.  Four Australian women started signing and were upset to learn that their signatures did not count.  An Australian family stopped at the table and the father expresed his support for the petition.  A number of young people came past wanting to sign, but learning that they were too young.

Check out and get involved manning a table to collect signatures for the Referendum.

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MandM said...

Well done Gaylene - congratulations.

I am not surprised that Gaylene did so well in the Act on Campus essay competition. From what I saw/hear of the three of you at the Family First Forum you are all very switched on and have the rare skill of being able to reason. The three of your really stood out to us as unfortunately it is rare to encounter people who can reason - it shouldn't be rare but it is.

Critical reasoning, being able to structure and assess arguments are incredibly important and far too often undervalued skills. Take every opportunity you get to keep learning and honing those skills - being able to out-think your opponent is crucial.

See the link from our blog to Maverick Philosopher - I find his blog brilliant for stretching the brain and for examples of brain-engaged Christianity.

I have added your blog to our list of links as we most definately want to watch and see more of what you do.

My husband Matt had a PhD in Philosophical Theology. This means is a specialist in Critical Thinking, arguing logically from a Christian perspective. See this post I wrote on his credentials If we can ever be of any assistance do not hesitate to ask.