Friday, March 23, 2007

Labour Govt Most Arrogant in NZ History

  • NZ Govt democratic: Yeah Right!
  • Labour desperate to take hold control of our children
  • NZ Families at risk; Not Just Children!
  • Kiwis: Wake up and watch Labour's nanny state remove parental rights
  • Stop the greens from taking your parental responsibilities away.
  • It is not anti the smacking bill; it's the anti parent bill.
  • Not only no smack; No correction either.
  • Bradford: "We will not stop parents from disciplining their kids" Yeah right!
  • Helen Clark gets the deputy to do her dirty work while she greases George Bush.
  • Parents: Stop govt interference and control now.
  • Listen to the majority; Children need correction.
  • CYFS cannot bring children up; nor can govt. Parents know what's best for their kids and so do grand parents.
  • Govt cannot love our kids or nurture and must not dictate how we bring them up.
  • David Benson Pope: "Don't smack your kids- But you can shove a tennis ball in their mouth" He abuses
  • our kids and he wants to tell us that smacking is wrong.
  • What is really behind this bill: Parental and Nanny State Control.
  • Good parents discipline their children. NZ Govt Advocates Bad Parenting.
  • Does NZ First support Labour's desperation? Lets see.
  • NZ Democracy: Bullocks
  • WWII soldiers fought for freedom and their kids gave it away.
  • Clark & Bradford: We are not anti smacking. Yeah Right! True. They are anti discipline!
  • Sue Bradford says we cannot smack our kids but she is ok if you ruffle up the cops in a protest. How many times has she been arrested?

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