Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mitch: update on the Wellington March

from www.smackingback.blogspot.com

In response to the dictatorship's intention to take away a parent's
right to smack their children, a march on Parliament is being organised
for March Wednesday 28th March. Reports from the media suggest that up
to 80% of people are opposed to Sue Bradford's bill, and in a somewhat
pleasing development, some MPs have finally started kicking up a fuss.

For more information, or to help with the organisation of this march,
please e-mail antiantismacking@gmail.com
<mailto:antiantismacking@gmail.com> .

If something isn't done about this now, next they will be telling us
that due to high rates of "child abuse" (i.e. parents smacking their
children for correctional purposes), you now need to apply for
permission to HAVE children, and as an extension of this, you may need a
permit for any act likely to lead to children.

If you have children, intend to have children, or are just flat out
opposed to Nanny State, you MUST support this cause.

UPDATE: The March will start at 12pm at Wellington's Civic Square. NOTE:
Wednesday the 28th! I don't want people turning up a week early. Another
strong rumour is that Bob McCoskrie of Family First is organising an
Auckland March. More details as they come to hand...

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