Friday, March 23, 2007

Smoke screen for an agenda

Craig Smith, Family Integrity, 23 March 07

I've listened to enough. People are way too polite in saying Green MP
Sue Bradford's motivations are pure and her heart is set on the
protection of defenceless children from violence and abuse.

This is simply not true: it is only the smoke screen for her sinister
agenda. It is obvious that this Bill does nothing to help abused
children or nail abusive parents, but it will make criminals of the best
parents in the country.

Physical violence and abuse toward children is not Bradford's or
Labour's concern: it is the God-ordained authority and influence that
parents have over their own children that Bradford is out to neutralise.
She hates the idea that parents can legally inculcate and enforce their
own traditional Christian family values into their children without
being forced to give her radical-feminist-Green values equal time. So
her Bill specifically targets "correction": parents are to be forbidden
to correct a child's bad behaviour, attitudes, speech, grammar, dress or
hygiene habits into good ones, regardless of how light or reasonable is
the force they use to make the correction.

If parents cannot correct their children, who then can? Government
agents getting their directions from the Top, where Sue Bradford intends
to dwell. Truancy officers, social workers and police all have legal
powers to use even unreasonable force to remove children from families
and to ensure attendance at state schooling and propaganda centres
(staffed by more Government agents known as school teachers), anger
management and drug dependency courses as well as living where they're
told, be it in foster families or a prison.

While a simple dictator would be happy controlling the military and the
economy and thickly lining his own pockets, Bradford's & Labour's
agenda, like the worst Reds of Mao's China and the USSR, is
totalitarianism: they know what's best for you and me and will control
us, our personal thought lives and our children. In this way they hope
to claim personal starring roles in Hegel's idea that "the State is god
walking on earth".

Like Sue and Helen's older sister Eve, they have a desire to be as god,
knowing and determining for themselves - and everyone else while they're
at it - what constitutes good and evil. Eve fell for it. Looks like
these two have fallen for it too. May God have mercy on us all.

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