Friday, March 23, 2007

Slogan Ideas

I got SUEd'

'Making Loving Parents Criminals is Child Abuse'

'Reasonable Force is Reasonable'

‘Parents won’t be prosecuted for smacking – as if’

'Its not an anti-smacking Bill - as if!'

'Parents should listen to children like the government does - as if!'

'The state will give up its right to use reasonable force too - as if!'

'The Bradford Bill is easy for parents to understand - as if!'

'Children won't tell lies about their parents - as if!'

'This won't create more work for the police or CYFS - as if!'

'Smacking, not drugs, alcohol or family breakdown is the real problem behind child abuse - as if!

'In twenty years time you'll be able to say in court, 'But Helen Clark said smacking was ok' - as if!'

'The state will protect parents as much as parents will protect children - as if!'

'8 cases of using Section 59 as a defence justifies making 95% of parents criminals - as if!'


Anonymous said...

There have only been 18 successful defences of this clause in a 30 year period (according to National MP Chris Tremain, speaking in the parliamentary debate on 14th March). That appears to be the number you refer to as 8.

Unknown said...

"dont smack - just whip"

Unknown said...

Democracy ?
Yeah - right!